Paducah Power System

Dave Carroll
General Manager
Phone: (270) 575-4000


1500 Broadway
P.O. Box 180
Paducah, KY 42001
Phone: (270) 575-4000
Fax: (270) 575-4027

Year Utility Established: 1961


Key Personnel

Andrea Underwood
Director of Community Relations and Marketing
Phone: (270) 575-4025

Rick Windhorst
Director of Engineering and Operations
Phone: (270) 575-4040

Marsha Roundtree
Executive Assistant/Network Manager
Phone: (270) 575-4021

Brent Shelton
Telecom/Network Manager
Phone: (270) 575-4004


Board or City Commissioners Information

Chair: Hardy Roberts
Vice Chair: Mark Workman
Secretary/Treasurer: Adolphus Jones
Member: Jeff Pederson
Member: Edward Hely
Board Attorney: Kent Price


Customer Information

Electric Customers
Residential: 18,853
Commercial: 2,806
Industrial: 521
Total Electric Customers: 22,599

Average Broadband or Telecom
Customers Served Monthly: 847


Utility Profile

Total Miles of Electrical Distribution Line: 800
Source of Supply: Self supplied

No. of Electric Substations: 10
System Voltage: 7,200/12,470 KV


Number of Employees

Administration: 12
Electric: 47
Broadband: 2
Total: 61