Murray Electric System

Tony Thompson
General Manager
Phone: (270) 753-5312


401 Olive St.
Murray, KY 42071
Phone: (270) 753-5312
Fax: (270) 753-6494
Year Utility Established: 1942


Key Personnel

Rob Thompson
Finance Director

Terry McCallon

Stephanie Phillips
Office Manager

Mike Wilson
Operating Supt.

Tina Cox
Broadband CSM

Chad Lawson
Chief Network Tech.


Board or City Commissioners Information

Chair: John Weatherly
Vice Chair: Pat McMullin
Secretary: Mike Pitman
Member: Joy Waldrop
Member: Melvin Henley
Member: Jason Pittman
Members’ Attorney: Mike Pitman


Board Schedule

4th Monday
Year Board Established: 1942


Customer Information

Electric Customers
Residential: 6,384
Commercial: 1,563
Industrial: 4
Total Electric Customers: 8,115

Average Broadband or Telecom
Customers Served Monthly: 5,029
Average Cable Customers Served
Monthly: 4,491


Utility Profile

Total Miles of Electrical Distribution Line: 250
Source of Supply: TVA
No. of Electric Substations: 5
System Voltage: 13,200/7620


Number of Employees

Electric: 40
Total: 41