Franklin Electric Plant Board

Bill Borders
General Manager
Phone: (270) 586-4441


309 North High Street
P.O. Box 349
Franklin, KY 42135
Phone: (270) 586-4441
Fax: (270) 586-4444

Year Utility Established: 1943


Key Personnel

Jeff Moody, Office Manager
Phone: (270) 586-4441

John Law, Operations Superintendent
Phone: (270) 586-4441

Sheryl Brady
Phone: (270) 586-4441


Board or City Commissioners Information

Chair: Mason Barnes
Vice Chair: Mickey Lewis
Secretary/Treasurer: Brad Gregory
Member: Carl Stoner
Member: Lester Key
Members’ Attorney: David Cummins


Board Schedule

3rd Tuesday of each month
Year Board Established: 1943


Customer Information

Electric Customers
Residential: 3,853
Commercial: 971
Industrial: 78

Total Electric Customers: 4,902
Average Broadband or
Telecom Customers Served Monthly: 220


Utility Profile

Total Miles of Electrical Distribution Line: 210
Source of Supply: TVA

No. of Electric Substations: 2
System Voltage: 13 KV


Number of Employees

Total: 20