City of Paris Combined Utilities

Steve Sexton
Electric Superintendant


525 High St.
Paris, KY 40361
Phone: (859) 987-2122
Fax: (859) 987-4640


Key Personnel

Daron Jordan, City Manager
Phone: (859) 987-2110

Mike Withrow, Assistant C.M.
Phone: (859) 987-2126


Board or City Commissioners Information

Chair: Mayor Mike Thorton
Vice Chair: Vice Mayor Matt Perraut
Secretary: Mike Kendall
Member: Comm. Tim Gray
Member: Comm. Wallis Brooks
Members’ Attorney: Bryan Beauman

Board Schedule:
2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month 9am
Established under KRS 96


Customer Information

Electric Customers
Residential: 2,590
Commercial: 413
Industrial: 53
Total Electric Customers: 3,056

Water Customers
Residential: 4,327
Commercial: 580
Total Water Customers: 4,907

Solid Waste Customers
Residential: 3,177
Commercial: 691
Total Solid Waste Customers: 3,868

Wastewater Customers
Residential: 3,559
Commercial: 536
Total Wastewater Customers: 4,095


Utility Profile

Total Miles of Electrical Distribution Line: 35-40
Source of Supply: AMP
No. of Electric Substations: 3
System Voltage: 10K KvA, 7,500KvA and 5,000 KvA
Total Miles of Water Distribution Line: 90
No. of Treatment Plants: 1

Discharge Water Body: Houston Creek, Licking River Basin
Water Plant Capacity: 3 MGD
Source of Supply: Stoner Creek
Total Miles of Wastewater Collection Line: 65
No. of Treatment Plants: 1
Wastewater Plant Capacity: 2.7 MGD


Number of Employees

Administration: 9
Water: 9
Wastewater: 10
Solid Waste: 8
Total: 36