City of Bardstown

J. Richard Heaton
Phone: (502) 348-5947


220 N. Fifth St.
Bardstown, KY 40004
Phone: (502) 348-5947
Fax: (502) 348-2433

Year Utility Established: 1895


Key Personnel

Jessica Filiatreau
City Civil Engineer
Phone: (502) 348-5947

Jeffrey C. Mills
City Electrical Engineer
Phone: (502) 348-5947

Ben Burd
Superintendent of Public Works
Phone: (502) 348-5947

Greg Ashworth
HR Director

Travis Greenwell
City Civil Staff Engineer

Craig Downs
Assistant Superintendent of Public Works

Eric Richter
City Electrical Staff Engineer
Beth Donahue, Engineering Assistant


Board or City Commissioners Information

Member: David Dones
Member: Roland Williams
Member: Kecia Copeland
Member: John Kelly
Member: Fred Hagan
Member: Joe Buckman
Member: William S. Sheckles
Members’ Attorney: Tim Butler


Board Schedule

As needed / 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 7pm
Year Board Established: Prior to 1992
Total Number of Members: 6


Customer Information

Electric Customers
Residential: 3,372
Commercial: 1,055
Industrial: 14
Total Electric Customers: 4,441

Water Customers
Residential: 9,987
Commercial: 1,494
Industrial: 23
Total Water Customers: 11,482

Solid Waste Customers
Residential: 4,473
Commercial: 824
Industrial: 9
Total Waste Customers: 5,306

Wastewater Customers
Residential: 6,060
Commercial: 1,225
Industrial: 28
Total Wastewater Customers: 7,313

Average Internet Customers Served Monthly: 6,820
Average Cable Customers
Served Monthly: 8,446


Utility Profile

Total Miles Electrical Distribution Line: 90
Source of Supply: Kentucky Utilities
No. of Electric Substations: 3
System Voltage: 12.47 and 4.16LV
Total Miles Water Distribution Line: 302
Wastewater Plant Capacity: 7 MGD
No. of Treatment Plants: 1
Water Plant Capacity: 7.5 MGD
Source of Supply: Simpson Lake
Total Miles of Wastewater Collection Line:148
No. of Treatment Plants: 2
Wastewater Plant Capacity: 7 MGD


Number of Employees

Administration: 6
Electric: 6
Water: 9
Wastewater: 8
Storm Water: 2
Solid Waste: 5
Cable: 11
Broadband: 4
Public Works: 25
Total: 76