Bowling Green Municipal Utilities

Mark Iverson
General Manager
Phone: (270) 782-4338


801 Center St.
P.O. Box 10300
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Phone: (270) 782-1200
Fax: (270) 782-4551

Year Utility Established: 1976


Key Personnel

Mike Gardner
Water/Wastewater Systems Manager
Phone: (270) 782-4366

Gary Bridges
Phone: (270) 782-4357

Teresa Newman
General Services Manager
Phone: (270) 782-4542

Jeff White
Electric System Manager
Phone: (270) 782-4318

Jill Hartley, HR Manager
Phone: (270) 782-4355

Christy Twyman
Customer Relations and Communications Manager
Phone: (270) 782-4593


Board or City Commissioners Information

Chair: Sarah Glenn Grise
Secretary: Todd Davis
Member: Rick Williams
Member: Steve Snodgrass
Member: Sarah Glen Grise
Members’ Attorney: George Strickler


Board Schedule

2nd Monday of each month
Year Board Established: 1976
Total Number of Members: 5


Customer Information

Electric Customers
Residential: 25,053
Commercial: 4,674
Industrial: 17
Total Electric Customers: 29,744

Water Customers
Residential: 15,669
Commercial: 3,381
Total Water Customers: 19,050

Wastewater Customers
Residential: 17,778
Commercial: 3,206
Total Wastewater Customers: 20,984

Telephone Customers
Lines Billed Monthly: (not customers) 3,693
Average Broadband or
Telecom Customers Served Monthly: 533


Utility Profile

Total Miles of Electrical Distribution Line: 362
Source of Supply: TVA
No. of Electric Substations: 12
System Voltage: 12470/7200

Total Miles of Water Distribution Line: 320
No. of Treatment Plants: 1
Water Plant Capacity: 30 MGD
Source of Supply: Barren River

Total Miles of Wastewater Collection Line: 280
No. of Treatment Plants: 1
Wastewater Plant Capacity: 15.0 MGD
Discharge Water Body: Barren River
Total Miles of Fiber Optic Cable: 300


Number of Employees

Electric: 106
Water: 73
General Services: 10
Total: 189